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The Best Ceramic Coatings, Car Detailing & Paint Correction in Houston, TX

Keeping your vehicle's brand new appearance has never been this easy. Transform your paint into a self-cleaning surface that creates a barrier against aging and deterioration.
durability and protection up to 10 Years
Receive up to 10 years of performance durability and protection with of CQuartz Finest Reserve.
Straightforward warranty
The only professional ceramic coating in Houston to offers a warranty without "mandatory" yearly paid maintenance/inspections.
A paint with a freshly waxed look all the time
Get more more gloss than ever and keep your car looking gloss, clean and brand new for months in between washes.
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Ceramic Coatings

We are proud to be a CQuartz Finest Reserve Certified Installer! This is a very exclusive and great group to be part of. We offer CQuartz Finest Reserve, CQuartz Professional and CQuartz UK 3.0 for paint, trim and wheels. We also offer C.Quartz Leather and CQuartz Fabric to protect your interior, as well as FlybyForte Glass Coating!

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Ceramic coatings such as (Ceramic Pro, CQuartz and Opti-Coat Pro) are quartz base liquid products that are installed to paint, wheels, interior, and windows. Unlike waxes or sealants, coatings chemically bond to your paint, creating a permanent or semi-permanent shell of strong protection that doesn't wash away or necessitate yearly applications to remain effective.

Coatings are the latest evolution in paint protection technology and are now available to automotive enthusiasts across Houston! They offer greatly improved benefits over traditional waxes and sealants. But coatings shouldn't be used as a substitute to paint protection film for damage prone panels such as bumpers, hood, side skirts and trunk lips.

Why Ceramic Paint coatings are better than waxes or car paint sealants?

Lifespan measured in years, not months

Our ceramic car coating brand - CQuartz - uses hard SiO2poxi that won't wash off, peel or disintegrate and will provide protection and shine for years. View our ceramic paint protection packages.

Self-Cleaning & Anti-Stick Technology

Our ceramic paint coatings combined anti-stick and hyper-hydrophobic features won't allow dirt, tar or brake dust to stick to your paint and repel water so well, they'll create a self-cleaning barrier on your car.

Scratch & Swirl Resistance

With its measurable 3µm thick protective “glass”, our flagship coating CQuartz Finest Reserve, resists fine scratches and swirls better than any other car coating product in Houston, TX.

The Benefits of Ceramic Paint Coatings

Paint after CQuartz Ceramic Professional coating

A brand new, shiny look that never fades

CQuartz Finest Coatings such as the CQuartz Professional delivers unrivaled glass-like gloss that doesn’t fade out. Effectively maintaining a freshly waxed look for years to come.
Ceramic coating Houston TX

Increased resale value

A ceramic car coating isn’t a purchase, it’s an investment in retaining your vehicle’s factory finish and preventing the natural aging and deterioration of your car’s surfaces. This maintains a higher resale value which provides a return on your investment.
Hydrophobic effect on ceramic paint coating in Houston

Save time and effort

With their incredible Self-Cleaning and Anti-Stick abilities, our nano coatings repel water, dirt, and contaminants better than any other products in the industry. This helps you reduce the time needed to wash your vehicle and extends the freshly clean look of your paint in between each wash.
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Get the most out of your car ceramic coating Near Me in Houston, TX

If the second best solution is not an option, look no further than Executive Auto Detailing ceramic paint protection solutions. We deeply care about you having the absolute best experience from the day you call our specialist that will take the time to answer all your questions, to the years of high-gloss and performance you’ll get out of your coating.

We believe in offering accurate (and not exaggerated) specifications about the performance of our 9H ceramic coatings and delivering the best aftercare support so you can get the best return on your investment. Request a quote today or call us at 281-750-2224, our car care specialist will be happy to answer all your questions and give you advice as to what products best suits your goals and budget.

3 Myths About Ceramic CoatingS You Need to Know!

Myth #1: "Paint Coatings Are Stone Chips And Scratches Resistant"

As described above, coatings have a higher resistance to scratches than wax or even clear-coat, however, their scratch resilience is often exaggerated. Regardless of the brand or the statements used by their marketing teams, nano coatings won’t protect your paint against rocks flying at 40 mph or bumper scuffs.

They'll reduce the number of fine-scratches and swirl-marks over time, but regularly using automated touch car wash or improper washing techniques will still induce swirl-marks, (although less than if your paint wasn’t covered with a protective coating like CQuartz Professional).

If you are looking for protection against bumper scuffs, rock chips and deep scratches we recommend you install a Paint Protection Film (Clear Bra).

Myth #2: "With A Coating You Will Never Have Water Spots"

Tap water or even bottled water will always contain some level of minerals (only distilled water is free of impurities). These minerals won’t evaporate with water and will remain on your paint after the water dries. Coatings will significantly reduce water spots because of its hydrophobic properties which repel more water than any wax or sealants but some water droplets will remain.

Depending on how much minerals is in the water and if the water is allowed to dry on your paint some water-spotting may take place on your clear-coat. The great news is that the coatings will make removing water-spots a breeze and won’t allow them to etch your paint and leave permanent stains.

Myth #3: "With A Nano Coating You Will Never Need to Wash Your Car Again"

As we said above, ceramic coatings such as CQuartz Finest Coatings have strong self-cleaning and anti-stick properties which will significantly reduce the maintenance necessary to maintain a showroom shine. Often, simply rinsing your vehicle will be enough to reveal a freshly waxed look and coatings will without a doubt extend the amount of time you can go without washing your car. However, it doesn’t completely eliminate the need to wash your paint especially if your car is driven in a dirty environment like dirt roads or construction sites.

The Benefits of Using Executive Auto Detailing

Experience, Knowledge & Passion

Our quest to continually challenge limits in pursuit of new goals is evident in the multiple automotive awards our clients' cars have won. Our team also attends yearly advanced training to maintain our edge and guarantee you receive the best results available in Houston.

100% Satisfaction Policy

We know "Satisfaction Guarantees" don't mean much these days. But our passion for detailing and our clients' happiness ensures you'll never leave the door without being ecstatic with the service you and your car just received.

Fully Certified And Insured

Our goal is to offer the best ceramic coating services but also peace of mind while your vehicle is in our hands. Executive Auto Detailing is one of the only 300 paint protection company in America to have the coveted CQuartz Finest Coatings. We're also fully insured up to 1 million dollars in the extremely rare eventually of an incident.
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Reviews from Around The WEB
Aaron C.

I can honestly say that I gave Executive Auto Detailing a challenge and they more than exceeded my expectations. It was incredibly easy to book an appointment and Steven came right to my house. All I had to do is sit back and watch my boat transform. I can hands down say Steven is the best and highly recommend Executive Auto Detailing.

Cody P.

I have run Lexus, Bentley & Rolls Royce, BMW, and Mercedes Benz dealers. Steve is hands down the most effective person I have witnessed truly bring a car back to like new condition. As a pre-own manager having a guy like Steve in your rolodex is priceless. Not to mention very professional to work with. I highly recommend him to anyone reading this. He is an expert at his craft.

Patrick H.

I have been using Steve's services for years, and have recommended him to dozens of people. During that time I have seen him work some absolute miracles resolving paint issues. His attention to detail and strong work ethic mean that you get a consistently great result, every time. The man is an absolute craftsman in a field where there are far too many pretenders. If you want to have your car to absolutely look the best that it can, Steve is one of the best in the business.

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